Bruce Willis and Karl Urban Exclusive Video Interview RED; Plus Updates on Rian Johnson’s LOOPER and Pete Travis’ JUDGE DREDD

     October 7, 2010

Opening on October 15 is a really fun movie called Red.  Featuring an all-star cast that’s more impressive than The Expendables, Red stars Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman, Mary-Louise Parker, Karl Urban, Richard Dreyfuss, Julian McMahon, Brian Cox, and Ernest Borgnine.  Based on the graphic novel Red (Retired Extremely Dangerous), the movie is about a group of retired black ops agents that get back together to try and figure out why some former agents are getting killed. You can watch some clips from Red here.

A few days ago I was in NYC for the press junket and I was able to sit down with Bruce Willis and Karl Urban.  During the very relaxed interview, Willis and Urban talked to me about making the movie, using fake names at Starbucks and on dressing room doors, filming on location, their fight scene, and Willis talked about why he wanted to make Rian Johnson’s Looper and Urban talked about Pete Travis’ Judge Dredd.

Finally, one last thing before watching…while my interview was supposed to end after three minutes, you’ll see Willis tell me to keep asking questions even though the person running the interview wanted it to stop.  I’ve never had a big movie star tell me to keep asking questions after my time was over.  For my first time getting to ask Bruce Willis some questions on camera…it was very cool.  Hit the jump to watch.

Bruce Willis and Karl Urban

  • The interview starts off with Bruce Willis and I talking about how we change our names if we go to Starbucks…
  • Karl Urban says that Willis would change his name on his trailer everyday
  • Did they know when they were filming Red would turn out to be such a fun movie. Willis talks about how great of a job director Robert Schwentke  did
  • Did they have a lot of friends that wanted to visit the set due to the cast
  • They talk about the challenging locations they filmed at
  • Willis and Urban have a great fight scene in Red. I ask them if there is anything about filming that scene that they haven’t talked about yet
  • Willis talks about Looper and Urban talks about Judge Dredd
  • Willis then brings the interview back to their fight scene


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