Bryan Singer – Exclusive Video Interviews at the 2007 Saturn Awards

     May 11, 2007

Last night I attended the Saturn Awards at Universal City and interviewed a ton of people. I’ll be posting more interviews later today and tomorrow including Tim Kring after “Heroes” won the Saturn and a lot of the cast, so check back all weekend for new stuff.

Posted below are two separate interviews with Bryan Singer – the director of Superman Returns, the first and second X-Men, and the upcoming movie Valkyrie, which will star Tom Cruise.

The first interview was done outside before the award show had started, and the second interview was done backstage after he had won a few awards. The second interview also has Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris – the screenwriters that wrote Superman Returns.

During the second interview (which is on the bottom of this article) Dan Harris dropped a bit of info on the next Superman movie when he said “Superman is only as good as his VILLAINS.” And let me be clear, he meant to say it with the s at the end. If you want to see that moment it’s almost the very end of the video – try time index 4:41.

Bryan Singer Outside (Interview 1) at the 2007 Saturn Awards

During the first interview we talk about his pilot Football Wives and if it’s getting picked up. We move onto Valkyrie and I asked if Tom was playing a Nazi as I had heard a rumor he was… Bryan shot it down immediately and said he isn’t. He said Tom is playing a German who was opposed to Hitler before the war broke out.

During the rest of the interview we talk about the pilot a bit more, Superman stuff, and I ask him what’s his typical day like as he’s involved with a ton of stuff. He talked a bit about how he’s involved with an upcoming mini-series and a video game… but no details. Finally I asked him about other casting announcements for Valkyrie and he said offers are out to people but since nothing is signed he couldn’t say anything….

As I’ve said in my previous Saturn Award articles, I was doing the camera and holding the microphone at the same time so the camera work isn’t as good as I would’ve liked…..

Bryan Singer (Interview 2) with Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris at the 2007 Saturn Awards – After “Superman Returns” won

I also interviewed Bryan after he won a few Saturn Awards and he was with his writers. As I said above, the big gossip moment was Dan Harris saying “Superman is only as good as his VILLAINS” and he meant to say it with the s at the end.

During this almost 5 minute clip Bryan talks a bit more about Valkyrie and they all talk Superman. I asked if they have already started thinking about how to raise the bar after the plane landing in the baseball field and they acknowledged the pressure to outdo themselves.

They talk about how they’re working on the sequel right now even as Bryan is working on Valkyrie. Bryan thinks his new film will be done by the end of the year and he hopes to begin the new Superman movie next summer. I asked if the movie might come out in ’09 or 2010 and he wasn’t sure.

Hope you enjoyed the interviews…much more still to come!

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