Bryan Singer Says He Wants To Direct Another X-MEN Movie

     October 11, 2009

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Director Bryan Singer has gone on the record about his desire to return to his most lucrative franchise – Fox’s “X-Men” series.  The director of both “X-Men” and “X2: X-Men United” told reporters in South Korea this weekend that he’s been “talking to Fox” about returning to the director’s chair for his third mutant movie.  Details after the jump.

bryan_singer_image.jpgBack in August we reported on a throwaway line from a Variety story which said that director Bryan Singer was “flirting” with the idea of returning to direct his third “X-Men” feature.  This probably would have been a bigger story had it not hit in the middle of a veritable feeding-frenzy of Bryan Singer news that included his agreeing to direct a big screen version of “Battlestar Galactica” and his plans to produce a reboot of “Excalibur”.

But today The AP has Singer saying that he’s “still looking to possibly returning to the ‘X-Men’ franchise.”  Even if somewhat vague and equivocal, Singer’s words are, nonetheless, great news for X-fans.  Although Brett Ratner’s “X-Men: The Last Stand” made over $234 million in the US alone, his installment failed to live up to the high stylistic standards Singer had set in the first two features.  This fact became only one of the many reasons that Ratner has become a favorite target or fanboy ire.

Singer’s statement shouldn’t be seen as anything solid just yet.  The man has a lot of options at the moment including the recently announced “Battlestar Galactica” feature as well as the more-recently announced “Jack the Giant Killer” .

After the less-than-stellar fan response to their recent “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, I’m sure Fox would LOVE to be have Bryan Singer back on board the franchise – if only to placate hardcore fans of the series.  Whether they’d be willing to meet Singer’s steep salary demands is another story.  They certainly aren’t lacking in “X” themed projects for Singer to develop, should he so desire, including “X-Men: First Class”.  Zac Penn (who has writing credit on both “X2” and “Last Stand”) hinted that he might get a shot at directing “First Class” awhile back, and he would certainly be a more cost-effective option for the studio.

So, here’s what we’ve got: a beloved director who may be returning to a beloved franchise.  Emphasis on the may.  When we get more definitive news on this one we will let you know.


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