Jorge Lendeborg Jr. on ‘Bumblebee’, Working with Travis Knight & Anime

     October 24, 2018


Last week, Hasbro sponsored the Bumbleebee Buzz Weekend at Universal CityWalk in anticipation of the release of the upcoming film Bumblebee. The 1980s-set Transformers spinoff’s co-star Jorge Lendeborg Jr. stopped by to kick off the event, which included the latest trailer, clips from the original Transformers animated film, airbrush tattoos, giveaways, and a giant Bumblebee statue.

After the dance party, Collider had the opportunity to talk with Jorge about the movie, his career, and his future endeavors. The actor discussed his favorite anime, how director Travis Knight brings a different take on the Transformers franchise, cool moments on set, and more. Check it out in the interview below.


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ColliderAs a kid, did you have any influences in terms of anime or cartoons?   

JORGE LENDEBORG JR: Yes, absolutely! Cowboy BebopSamurai ChamplooNaruto was a big one, and right now I’m watching Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 

Do you watch My Hero Academia 

LENDEBORG: Bruh, Bakugo is my shit! They’re keeping it mature but it makes sense for kids. Shonen is dope at what they do. They have characters for everybody, it feels so inclusive. Those are the type of anime I want to see more of.  

What’s the difference between this movie and Michael Bay’s Transformers films?  

LENDEBORG: Shout out to Michael Bay. Travis Knight helming this thing makes it a whole different thing. Coming from Kubo and the Two Strings and Coraline, his animation background, the way he makes Bumblebee move feels so organic versus the Michael Bay ones, which focus more on the extravagance, the entertainment and popcorn of it all which is also awesome and I feel like there’s a lot of that in this story, but I just feel like Travis really brings the heart and it’s a really emotional story.  

How does it feel to be a part of the Transformers franchise?  

LENDEBORG: It’s so special. I grew up watching these and for them to come and let me help lead a movie like this. There’s only so many of these big movies and it’s like me? Why me? It’s wild. 

Any cool moments on set?  

LENDEBORG: Every day. Every day. I’m a fan of these movies first. I love acting and love storytelling and so every day is cool because it’s my dream.  

Did you and Hailee ever sing on set?  

LENDEBORG: I can’t sing, but I want to learn by next year. I want to be able to learn new skills every year. Singing is on the docket. Race car driving is there.  


Image via Paramount Pictures

Race car driving?  

LENDEBORG: Yeah, I have a Mazda Miata I like to whip in the ring sometimes when no one’s around.  

Will we get to see you drive Bumblebee?  

LENDEBORG: You might. I doubt it, but you might.  

How does it feel being back here after having filmed some scenes in the backlot?  

LENDEBORG: Yooooo. You’re right I did film here! I didn’t even think about that. Damn, it’s full circle huh?  

Although this movie is an origin story, could we expect to see more movies from this spin-off?  

LENDEBORG: I hope so!! If they would have me back, I would love to be back. If the story takes it into a different direction, I’ll be happy about it also. Regardless, I think people will want to see more of these. 

Bumblebee rolls into theaters on December 21, 2018. 

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