Would You Get Buried for BURIED? These Four Did.

     September 20, 2010


Imagine going to Alcatraz to watch Escape from Alcatraz or watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind at Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. That’s exactly what the Alamo Drafthouse’s Rolling Roadshow sets up, and for Ryan Reynolds upcoming thriller Buried, they actually buried four lucky people alive in coffins. Don’t worry; they were totally willing… unlike main character Paul Conroy.  Join me after the break for full pictures from the exciting event.

The promotion had the four winning participants (that’s right, there was a contest for this privilege) blindfolded and had burlap sacks placed over their head before being driven 30 minutes outside of Austin and placed in custom coffins. They were allowed to remove their blindfold and were then sealed into the coffin for the entirety of the film, which they watched on LCDs installed on the underside of the lids. Everyone is still alive and well, and for their efforts they will get to meet Reynolds during the red carpet premiere at Fantastic Fest this week in Austin.

The brain child behind all of this is none other than Tim League, Fantastic Fest co-founder and the man behind everything that is Alamo Drafthouse. I will be covering the event this year and will also have my review of Buried up on Friday, just in time to inform you that you need to go see it (you do). Stay tuned to Collider for my coverage of Fantastic Fest all week and look for my interview with director Rodrigo Cortes and Reynolds later in the week.



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