BURN NOTICE Creator Matt Nix Lands New Series JACK AND DAN at Fox TV

     September 3, 2009


One of the best series on basic cable over the past few seasons has been USA’s “Burn Notice”.  Though “Burn” ratings are great for the market, creator Matt Nix now has the opportunity to reach a much wider audience with his newest venture – another cop procedural called “Jack and Dan”.  The new series has just received a 13 episode order from Fox TV.  Details after the jump.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Jack and Dan” will follow the “Burn Notice” model of focusing on strong law enforcement types with a definite comedic bent to their characters.  The series follows Jack, a by-the-books cop who is partnered with Dan, a “drunken, lecherous, wild-card cop who hangs onto his job only because of a heroic act years before.”

But it won’t be “a comedic whodunit,” Nix said.

“It’s an action-comedy cop show that follows both the cops and the criminals and the ways they come together. The fun is seeing how they clash, and that doesn’t happen in the conventional procedural ways.”

As a fan of “Burn Notice” (and of new TV shows in general) I look forward to seeing how Nix’s quick wit and unusual twists in action play on the notoriously stifling Fox network.  When “Jack and Dan” receives a spot on the network’s schedule we will let you know.



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