Collider Giveaway: Win a ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’ Private Multiplayer Beta Code for PS4!

     August 3, 2018


UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed; all winners have received their beta keys. Thanks for playing; now go wreck some fools!

The private multiplayer beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 starts today for PS4 players and we have 20 codes to give out to some lucky winners. Ahead of the highly anticipated game’s release across all platforms October 12th, PS4 owners can get an early jump on the action this weekend. In the Multiplayer Beta, players will begin fighting through six maps, two of which will make their first public appearance. Additionally, fans will play new Specialists and reacquaint themselves with returning Specialists–Nomad and Prophet–who will be bringing with them brand-new gameplay mechanics built for Black Ops 4. Additional info on the multiplayer beta can be found at Treyarch’s community page.

If you’ve been looking forward to getting a taste of Black Ops 4, you probably already know all about what the game and its multiplayer modes, so feel free to skip on down to find out how you can enter to win an access code. A reminder that the multiplayer beta starts today Friday, August 3rd and is for PS4 players only. (And another disclaimer: Though the game’s rating is still pending, previous games in the series have been rated Mature by the ESRB for “Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Strong Language”, so use your discretion.)

To get an idea of what you’re in for with the new Beta, check out the trailer below:

Begin your dive into the deepest, most-tactical Black Ops Multiplayer to date. The Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Beta arrives on August 3rd, first on PS4.

Here’s how you can get in on the action:

To win 1 of 20 codes, please email with the subject line “CoD Black Ops 4 PS4 Beta.” We’ll be contacting the people that won ASAP, so hurry because they’ll go fast!

As far as the Multiplayer goes, all participants in the Beta will receive a unique, one-of-a-kind calling card that they can proudly display, and for every player that achieves max rank in the Beta, they will earn a Permanent Unlock Token to apply to any piece of Create-a-Class content when the game comes out.

  • PlayStation 4 (Starts: August 3 at 10am/PT – Ends: August 6 at 10am/PT)
  • PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (Starts: August 10 at 10am/PT – Ends: August 13 at 10am/PT)
  • PC Beta Early Access (Starts: August 10 at 10am/PT) *PC exclusively on Battle.Net
  • PC Open Beta (Starts: August 11 at 10am/PT – Ends: August 13 at 10am/PT)

Here’s a handy guide to the Private PS4 Beta dates:


Image via Treyarch

And here’s when PC players will get to access the open Beta:


Image via Treyarch, Activision

Modes of Play:

  • The Private Multiplayer Beta will feature fan-favorite game modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, Hardpoint, and Search & Destroy, alongside our brand-new objective-based game mode, Control, which was designed to bring out the best of Black Ops 4 Multiplayer gameplay.
  • In Control, teams alternate rounds between attacking and defending two static objectives. Each team has a limited number of lives in this first-to-three wins match-up, so strategic strikes and defensive positioning are key, making for some fast and frenetic gunfights.

Image via Treyarch

Gearing Up:

  • We’ve brought the Pick 10 system back to Create-a-Class to give players complete customization over their loadout, and with its return comes a few new changes.
  • Load out with Special Issue Equipment that’s designed exclusively for each Specialist without costing a point against Pick 10.
  • Gear is an all new slot designed to up the ante on your style of gameplay. Need cheaper Scorestreaks? COMSEC Device. Heal faster? Stim Shot. Gain an advantage in situational awareness? Acoustic Sensor. Only one piece of Gear can be used per loadout, so choose wisely.
  • Weapons now have unique sets of attachments, including a new class of powerful attachments called Operator Mods, to really focus each gun on its individual role in combat.

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