A Bunch of Dope Stuff Is Coming to ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ and ‘Warzone’

     August 26, 2020


What do you feel like doing the remaining days of summer? “Staying inside doing whatever I can on my TV because the global pandemic prevents me from going anywhere else?” Yep, me too. Lucky for us, Activision has made sure our summer’s twilight won’t go down without a firefight. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone are getting two fantastic updates soon: Season Five Reloaded and Games of Summer.

Season Five Reloaded begins on August 24 at 11pm PST. In this new update, Modern Warfare players will get a new weapon available, the FiNN LMG, which “blurs the line between assault rifle and LMG” by crossing agility with blunt power. There’s also a new way to play Ground War called Ground War Reinforce: “In this Ground War mode variant, three flags are positioned towards the center of the map, in a similar manner to Domination mode. If you or a teammate are downed, you enter Spectator mode instead of respawning, rejoining the battle only after a new flag is secured by your teammates. Claim all three flags and you automatically win the round. Win enough rounds, and your massive platoon will all earn the victory.” Sounds like an intriguing wrinkle to me!


Image via Activision

For new Warzone (the free-to-play battle royale version of Call of Duty) Season 5 Reloaded content, we’ve got a new game mode called King Slayer. In King Slayer, you play a Team Deathmatch game within the normal Battle Royale map, and “teams fight to earn points by defeating hostile players. However, the circle doesn’t collapse, rather it moves around the map for an agile battle on the go. The top five team’s top scoring player will be marked as a ‘king’ on the Tac-Map. Eliminate kings to get additional points and be awarded a free Killstreak.”

And for both games, a new, exciting sounding character is coming: Sergio “Morte” Sulla. Feeling a little like a Quentin Tarantino take on Red Dead Redemption, Morte loves spaghetti Westerns, and “is a skilled tracker who loves the Old West and strongly adheres to his own rules regarding right and wrong.” I am all about more Call of Duty characters having raucous personalities like this, especially in a franchise often denoted by anonymous armor-covered folks blasting each other anonymously!

But that’s not all. Starting August 28 and going until September 7, The Games of Summer will pit contestants of both Modern Warfare and Warzone against each other in various trials with various rewards. Trials one and two involve blasting your way through contained areas while avoiding civilian casualties. Trial three involves parkouring your way through a toxic gas-covered course. And trials four and five involve some tricky long-rage, ammunition-conserving marksmanship. Winners in these trials will receive rewards like “vehicle skins, XP tokens, vehicle horns, calling cards, and Legendary weapon blueprints.” Plus: Each country’s participant scores stack onto the rest of their country, turning this whole thing into a kind of CoD Olympic ceremony! And if all of this ain’t enough, check out Warzone‘s Gunfight Tournament, a Games of Summer-limited battle in a much smaller playing space.

Season 5 Reloaded of CoD comes August 24, and The Games of Summer comes four days later. For more on Call of Duty, here’s the first full Black Ops Cold War trailer.

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