Cam Gigandet Exclusive Video Interview THE ROOMMATE

     February 2, 2011

Cam Gigandet Interview THE ROOMMATE slice

Cam Gigandet has a history of playing the bad guy—Twilight, Never Back Down, and my personal favorite, as “Volchok” on The O.C. In his new film The Roommate, out Friday February 4th, Gigandet plays the heroic drum-playing boyfriend to Minka Kelly’s character, who is being terrorized by her college roommate (played by Leighton Meester).  Gigandet takes a fairly conventional role and legitimately makes his character funny. He and his cast mates manage to make this film actually very entertaining.

As tempted as I was to reminisce about The O.C, I resisted. During the interview we talk about his continued loathing of press junkets, how working with Leighton and Minka allowed the dialogue to feel spontaneous, how Leighton genuinely freaked him out, and lastly how he feels about supporting versus leading roles.  Hit the jump to check out the video.

Finally, before getting to the interview, you can watch some clips from The Roommate here.  And here’s our exclusive video interview with Meester.

Cam Gigandet

  • 0:16—how he stills hates doing press
  • 0:56—how there are different rules for playing “the nice guy”
  • 1:27—how Leighton and Minka helped him be able to play with the role
  • 2:10—when he was watching the movie how freaked out he was by Leighton’s character
  • 3:10—how’s he grateful for any role he gets, but believes he’ll get hired for the roles he’s ready for

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