Cameron Monaghan Talks THE GIVER and the Upcoming AMITYVILLE Sequel/Reboot

     August 14, 2014


Cameron Monaghan is slowly becoming the go-to utility player for YA film adaptations. Just earlier this year, he co-starred in Vampire Academy as the poor put-upon best friend of the two leads and this Friday in The Giver, he once again co-stars as… the poor put-upon best friend of the two leads. As Ash, he’s the wildcard to the more straight-laced Jonas (Brenton Thwaites) & Fiona (Odeya Rush). As his two friends grow to distrust their surrounding utopian community, Ash finds himself brought into the fold. It’s not long before he is pitted against his former ‘besties’, forced to decide between his personal relationship to them and the will of the community. It’s a difficult role – in that most screen-time is given to Thwaites and Rush, leaving Monaghan’s transformation largely off screen; yet somehow the actor is able still to convey the shift in Ash’s demeanor from rebel to follower in a few relatively brief moments.

In the following interview with Monaghan, he discusses expanding on the book for his character, the tragedy of Ash’s transformation and shooting the upcoming Amityville sequel/reboot. For the full interview, hit the jump.

Cameron Monaghan:

  • When did Monaghan first read The Giver?
  • What was the audition process like for the film?
  • How did the book influence Monaghan’s performance in the film?
  • What are the difficulties in playing a character who is not supposed to show any emotion?
  • How was shooting Amityville and who is his character in the film?
  • Was Monaghan a fan of the Amityville series beforehand?

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