Disney+ Will Let You Keep Your Downloads Even If They Leave the Service

     October 23, 2019

The highly anticipated new streaming service Disney+ launches in just a couple of short weeks, but folks still have a few questions regarding how this new service works. One big one, however, was answered by Disney CEO Bob Iger, as the head honcho addressed whether you’ll get to keep your Disney Plus downloads even if they leave the service.

Speaking at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit (via CNET), Iger said that Disney+ subscribers will get to keep the movies and TV shows they’ve downloaded even if those titles leave the streaming service—as long as you’re still subscribed to Disney Plus. If you unsubscribe, you’ll lose access to your downloaded titles.


Image via Disney-Pixar

This is no doubt very good news to parents, as downloading titles can be important when trying to limit internet access for young ones. Iger explained that you can basically fill up your hard drive on your computer or iPad or whatever with your favorite Disney movies or shows, and don’t have to worry about those titles moving off Disney+ intermittently due to licensing deals:

“But by and large, almost all of it is there,” Iger said about the Disney catalog. “And if you’re a subscriber, you can download it and put it on a device, and it will stay on the device as long as you continue to subscribe. If you wanted to download 10 classic Disney films that may not have all been available at once before, you can do that, basically fill all of your hard drive on one of your devices, and you or your child can watch wherever they are.”

While a number of big movies are due to be available on Disney+ at launch—from Captain Marvel to Rogue One to Cars 3—some popular movies from 2016 to 2018 will be leaving Disney Plus in about six years and heading back over to Netflix. This is due to a licensing deal Disney struck with Netflix before Disney+ was a possibility, and it’s why titles like Thor: Ragnarok, Coco, and Mary Poppins Returns will be on Netflix and not Disney+ when Disney+ launches.

But not to worry. Not only will those titles eventually come back to Disney+ (their ultimate goal is to end all licensing agreements and host everything exclusively on Disney+), but you’ll be able to download them before they leave so you can watch them offline whenever you want. Easy peasy!

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