Get a Closer Look at Tom Hardy’s Physical Transformation into ‘Capone’ for New Poster

     May 2, 2020


Vertical Entertainment has unveiled the new poster for Capone. The poster arrives a little over a week before the feature directed by Josh Trank and starring Tom Hardy as the infamous mobster Al Capone is released digitally by Vertical Entertainment and Redbox Entertainment.


Image via Josh Trank

The Capone poster teases the blurring of lines between reality and what is going on inside Capone’s head. Hardy is giving his hardest stare yet, but this time it’s all sepia-tinted. The focus is close on the star’s face, making his physical transformation into an aging Capone all the grittier and more apparent. It’s a fascinating, minimalist poster which only adds to the intrigue of this project. Additionally, this new poster seems to perfectly tease Capone‘s plot, which follows Hardy’s titular mobster in the years following his release from prison as he lives out his days on a lush estate while battling dementia and grappling with his criminal past.

Trank’s Capone has made headlines in recent weeks due to all of the changes the project has undergone. On April 15, we reported that the Trank-directed, Hardy-starring project had not only been acquired by Vertical Entertainment for distribution, but it has also undergone a notable title change. Up until mid-April, we’d thought the movie would be titled Fonzo since that had been the title from the very beginning. Alas, that title was dropped in favor of Capone. However, as Trank shared when he released the trailer later on April 15, the movie’s title may have changed, but it was still his cut which is being released.

Capone will be available on-demand from Vertical Entertainment and Redbox Entertainment on Tuesday, May 12 for a 48-hour rental period. In addition to Hardy, the movie stars Linda CardelliniJack LowdenMatt DillonKyle MacLachlan, and Noel Fisher. You can check out the new poster featuring Tom Hardy below. For more, you can watch the Capone trailer here.


Image via Vertical Entertainment

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