Fantastically Cheesy Trailer and Images from 1990’s CAPTAIN AMERICA; DVD to be Released July 19th

     June 30, 2011


Fans are anxious to finally see Marvel’s iconic superhero Captain America on the big screen next month when Joe Johnston’s Captain America: The First Avenger hits theaters July 22nd. But did you know that a feature film version of Captain America already exists? From the director of Bulletface and Kickboxer 4: The Aggressor, the film was shot in Yugoslavia and was never officially released in theaters in the U.S. However, Captain America is now coming to DVD on July 19th thanks to MGM’s Manufacturing On Demand program, and they’ve released a trailer and some images in anticipation of its release.

A 90’s action film wouldn’t be complete without Ronny Cox, so he’s in it, alongside Ned Beatty, Scott Paulin and Matt Salinger as Cap. The trailer manages to be both understated and action-packed simultaneously, which is quite impressive. We’re also treated to a super cool 90’s voice-over. Hit the jump to check out the trailer as well as some images.Here’s the trailer:

Here are the images:





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