Weekend Box Office: CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER Claims Top Spot, Easter Weekend Boosts Religious Films

     April 20, 2014


While the top five remains unchanged from yesterday’s box office report, the real items of interest are the religious films that populated the top ten.  (An argument can also be made for just how poor a showing Wally Pfister’s Transcendence has had.)  While Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Rio 2 were once again the only competition for the top spot, newcomer Heaven Is for Real made a real push into the top three, nearly bumping the animated family-friendly sequel from its perch.  Though they dropped off from their position’s in last week’s box office, God’s Not Dead and Noah managed to hang in the top ten, perhaps helped by the holiday weekend.  Take a look at the top ten box office estimates below:

Title Weekend Total
1.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier  $26,200,000  $201.0
2.  Rio 2  $22,700,000  $75.6
3.  Heaven is for Real  $22,200,000  $29.3
4.  Transcendence  $11,000,000  $11.0
5.  A Haunted House 2  $8,800,000  $8.8
6.  Divergent  $5,900,000  $134.1
7.  Draft Day  $5,890,000  $19.5
8.  Oculus  $5,200,000  $21.2
9.  God’s Not Dead  $4,800,000  $48.3
10.  Bears  $4,800,000  $4.8
 Noah  $4,800,000  $93.3

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greg-kinnear-heaven-is-for-realHeaven Is for Real, the Randall Wallace film based on the New York Times bestselling book of the same name by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent, made a big push this Easter weekend to threaten to break into the top three.  The story centers on four-year-old Colton Burpo (played by Connor Corum) and his reported near-death-experience during a surgical operation that supposedly gave him a glimpse into Heaven.  Luckily, Colton survived the surgery and lived to tell his tale, which was then transcribed into a bestselling book, and adapted into the film starring Greg Kinnear as Todd Burpo.  The film didn’t exactly win over critics (it currently sits at just 53% on RT), but audiences loved it enough to push the film to nearly $30 million in just five days at the box office, easily doubling the film’s budget.

God’s Not Dead, which opened one month ago, is still hanging around in the top ten.  Though its take this weekend was only enough to keep it in ninth place, the Harold Cronk picture has already reclaimed its $2 million budget back a number of times with over $48 million in box office sales.  This one has been skewered by critics, however, as it currently sits at 13% on RT (though that’s still better than this week’s top five release, A Haunted House 2, which comes in at 7%).

Finally, Noah is just barely clinging to the tenth spot, unless the Bears, the sleepy new debut from Disneynature, manages to claw its way onto the list; they’re currently tied according to estimates.  Easily the biggest budget (and the most recognizable cast) out of the three religious features, Noah was lucky to find a lucrative international market, since its domestic take has yet to reach $100 million.  However, a late Easter Sunday bump might just push the Biblical epic closer to that milestone.


(Box Office data courtesy of Deadline)


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