Anthony Mackie to Play Falcon in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER

     July 16, 2012


A couple days ago at Comic-Con, Marvel revealed that Joe and Anthony Russo‘s sequel to Captain America would be entitled Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  While Chris Evans is the only cast member officially slated to return, presumably Sebastian Stan would be back since Bucky Barnes becomes the eponymous brainwashed Russian assassin, Winter Soldier.   While we wait to see if Stan is back on board, THR is reporting that Anthony Mackie may join the cast to play Falcon, “one of mainstream comics’ first black superheroes and perhaps its first American one.”

Hit the jump for more on Falcon and a refresher on Mackie’s other projects.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier is due out April 4, 2014.

Per THR, here are some more details about Falcon:

“The character, Sam Wilson, was Harlem-based and had many street adventures with Cap in the 1970s comics when he served as his partner. He derives his powers from a suit which allows him to fly and enhances his strength. He can also telepathically talk to birds. In current comics, Falcon is a key player in many of Cap’s espionage adventures.”

Details on Captain America: The Winter Soldier are mostly under wraps.  We know that the sequel will flip between World War II and the present day.

I’m always happy when films add Mackie to their casts.  He’s a terrific actor, and I’m glad to see him continue to line up roles in major films.  He’ll next be seen in the blockbuster crime flick Gangster Squad.  He’s recently finished shooting on Michael Bay‘s Pain and Gain, and he’s now filming Brad Furman‘s gambling drama Runner Runner co-starring Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake.


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