CAPTAIN AMERICA Casting: And Then There Were Three; Artist Alex Ross Makes a Brilliant Suggestion

     March 19, 2010


After what feels like an eternal casting session, it looks like we’re down to three contenders for the starring role in The Last Avenger: Captain America.  According to IESB, it’s come down to Channing Tatum (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra), Chris Evans (Fantastic Four), and the heretofore unmentioned Sebastian Stan (Gossip Girl).  The site notes that Tatum could have a scheduling issue with G.I. Joe 2; Evans could possibly be in another Fantastic Four movie (even though Fox is reportedly going to reboot the franchise) and as we all know you, can’t be two superheroes (someone forgot to tell Ryan Reynolds seeing as he’s starring in Deadpool and Green Lantern); and Stan is Romanian and Marvel Studios head-honcho Kevin Feige says he wants the actor to be American (although IESB says that Stan’s screen tests may have the studio thinking twice about that mandate).

As I’ve previously noted, I think Evans is by far the best choice.  But Marvel comic artist Alex Ross has made a suggestion that’s fucking brilliant.  Hit the jump for his genius casting for the role.

Ross says he would like to see Jon Hamm play the character.  He explains,

“Captain America is supposed to be the patriarch of the Marvel universe. To get a guy in his early to mid-20s is only thinking about where the character began, not what he ultimately needs to become.”

Obviously, Marvel would prefer a younger actor so they would be fit for the action scenes and could grow into sequels.  Secondly, Hamm’s Mad Men schedule probably wouldn’t allow for him to take the amount of time filming on these Marvel movies would require.  But in an ideal world, Hamm would be the best casting decision by far.

John Hamm image (1).jpg

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