‘Captain America: Civil War’: Chris Evans Explains Why It’s Not an Avengers Movie

     February 17, 2016


From Scarlet Witch to Ant-Man to Iron Man, it’s easy to mistake the MCU’s Captain America: Civil War for an Avengers film instead of the next Captain America chapter. While the film’s title should tip you off, Chris Evans is here to reassure everyone that this is very much about Steve Rogers’ journey.

In an interview for Disney twenty-three, a magazine available to D23 Gold Members, the actor said (as quoted by Yahoo Movies):

“Even though there are a lot characters, the focus is on Steve and his struggle. Especially his struggle with Tony Stark…It’s exciting to see a guy who’s as optimistic and as selfless as Steve be met with letdown, betrayal, frustration, and selfishness. There are events and people in his life that test him — that challenge him and force him to reevaluate who he is and what he wants out of life.”


Image via Marvel

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve was betrayed by S.H.I.E.L.D., the only thing he’s known since awakening from his icy slumber. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, he realized that his closest allies, mainly Iron Man, are capable of betrayal and keeping secrets. This will be exacerbated in Civil War, which focuses on Steve’s fight to keep Bucky safe while the governments of the world band together to pass the Sokovia Accords, a system of accountability for superheroes. Both will likely contribute to the divide between teammates, with Falcon, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Scarlet Witch, The Winter Soldier, and Agent 13 form up around Cap against the others on Team Iron Man.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said:

“We’ve seen it coming. The clues were there. When you watch the other films you see how Captain America and Iron Man fight the bad guys together, back-to-back, but they have differences. And there is something that happens in the world that divides them.”

Captain America: Civil War will hit theaters on May 6th.


Image via Marvel




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