‘Captain America: Civil War’ Crosses $300 Million Domestically in Just 10 Days

     May 17, 2016


Monday’s box office totals have boosted Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War past the $300 million mark domestically. The movie, directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, just narrowly missed the milestone this past weekend as it reclaimed the #1 spot for the second weekend in a row. And because I know you guys love comparing Disney/Marvel’s performance to that of Warner Bros./DC Comics, I’ll just throw this out there: the third Captain America movie hit $300 million in just 10 days, a full nine days earlier than Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman. (Cue “media bias” comments in 3, 2, 1…)

Cap’s ongoing box office success will obviously decline over the next few weeks, but it remains to be seen just how strong it will be. Upcoming contenders to the crown include Sony’s animated Angry Birds movie, Neighbors 2: Sorority RisingShane Black’s The Nice GuysAlice Through the Looking Glass, and X-Men: ApocalypseCaptain America: Civil War’s reign atop the heap probably won’t survive to see June, and there’s a good chance it will slip out of the top spot this coming weekend.


Image via Marvel

However, Disney has something else to celebrate, and it’s not just the upcoming debut of the sequel to their super successful Alice in Wonderland movie. The interconnected cultural juggernaut known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) just crossed the $10 billion line, including all 13 films released in the last nine years. It’s worth noting that Marvel is missing out on big box offices from the X-MenSpider-ManDeadpool, and yes even Fantastic Four franchises, but them’s the breaks when you sell off your famed properties to other studios. Disney’s $4 billion purchase of those remaining Marvel standouts, however, is looking like quite the savvy financial move.

Here’s a look at the Disney/Marvel MCU in all its $10 billion glory (via Box Office Mojo):

Rank Title Box Office (Domestic) Box Office (Total)
1. Marvel’s The Avengers $623.4m $1,519.6b
2. Avengers: Age of Ultron $459.0m $1,405.4b
3. Iron Man 3 $409.0m $1,215.4b
4. Guardians of the Galaxy $333.2m $773.3m
5. Iron Man# $318.4m $585.2m
6. Iron Man 2^# $312.4m $623.9m
7. Captain America: Civil War* $300.7m $957.1m
8. Captain America: The Winter Soldier $259.8m $714.4m
9. Thor: The Dark World $206.4m $644.6m
10. Thor $181.0m $449.3m
11. Ant-Man^ $180.2m $519.4m
12. Captain America: The First Avenger $176.7m $370.6m
13. The Incredible Hulk# $134.8m $263.4m
  • ^Ranks higher on the total box office list than the domestic list
  • *Still in theaters
  • #Domestic box office out-earned foreign box office

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