‘Captain America: Civil War’: Hasbro Takes Cosplay to a New Level at Toy Fair

     February 15, 2016


If Disney and Marvel Studios keep churning out movies, Hasbro’s going to keep rising to the occasion and delivering incredibly detailed figures and other products tied to the upcoming releases. The Doctor Strange products weren’t in the showroom at the Entertainment Brand Preview Event for Toy Fair 2016, but the company did have a number of items tied to the May 6th release, Captain America: Civil War. Per usual, the new figures were all very impressive, but it’s Hasbro’s Marvel Legends role play line that stole the show.

If you’d like to own something close to the real deal without dropping the big bucks for a high-end replica, this role play line is an excellent option. The shield you’ll see in the first picture below is 24 inches across, just like Cap’s shield in the movie, and it also has two adjustable straps on the back. And the Iron Man helmet might be even more impressive. The thing is incredible looking to begin with so would look great just sitting on a shelf somewhere, but it also comes with an assortment of other features including a removable faceplate and sound effects. They each cost $99.99 and are currently available for pre-order, but they won’t be released until September 1st.

Check out some photos of the Captain America shield, the Iron Man helmet, the new X-Men figures and much more below.captain-america-civil-war-figures-hasbro-toy-faircaptain-america-figure-hasbro-toy-fairiron-man-figure-hasbro-toy-fairiron-man-helmet-hasbro-toy-fair






spider-man-figures-hasbro-toy-fair-peter-parkerspider-man-figures-hasbro-toy-fair-miles-moralesspider-man-figures-hasbro-toy-fair spider-man-figures-hasbro-toy-fair

spider-man-figures-hasbro-toy-fair spider-man-figures-hasbro-toy-fairmarvel-figures-hasbro-toy-fairmarvel-figures-hasbro-toy-fair



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