‘Captain America: Civil War’: Over 50 New Images Tease Friendly Fire, Vision in Fancy Clothes

     April 28, 2016


Marvel’s massive superhero sequel Captain America: Civil War is nearly here, and if the anticipation is eating at you, perhaps a slew of new Civil War images will help ease the impatience. Marvel has released the full press kit for the film, which includes a number of images we’ve never seen as well as cleaner versions of images we have seen, all of which are presented in glorious high-resolution. Things are kept 100% spoiler-free here, as the most we get are tantalizing looks at various Marvel characters in various stages of anger/frustration/discomfort as well as Martin Freeman’s new MCU character. Most curious is a new look at Paul Bettany’s Vision, who makes a case for landing on the cover of a Banana Republic magazine with the way he totally pulls off a nifty shirt. We also get an extensive look behind the scenes with a number of candid images from the set.

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo made the leap from comedy fare like You, Me and Dupree and Community to superhero blockbuster with Captain America: The Winter Soldier to a solid amount of acclaim, and they’re back at the helm of the incredibly ambitious Civil War while also preparing to direct the two-part epic Avengers: Infinity War. But for Civil War, the Russo Brothers tackle what could be the most emotional Marvel film yet, as the superheroes aren’t fighting some alien menace or masked monstrosity, and instead turn their fisticuffs to one another over disagreement about how/if the Avengers should be policed by the government.

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