‘Captain America: Civil War’ Screenwriters Reveal a Superhero Who Almost Made the Cut

     April 10, 2016


While its deluge of positive reactions should be enough to fight off any criticism for the time being, Captain America: Civil War had faced the put-down that rather than being Cap’s story, the massive cast made it look like Avengers 2.5 despite assurances that this was really about Steve Rogers’ journey. The film is just packed with a ton of characters, and if you think there are too many right now, you’ll be surprised to learn that there was a draft containing a superhero who didn’t make the final cut.


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Haleigh Foutch recently spoke to screenwriters Christopher Markus and Marcus McFeely about the film, and learned that The Wasp almost made her way into the movie. But they explained why they decided to cut her from the film:

CHRISTOPHER MARKUS: You know, almost everybody made it in. There was a period where we talked about bringing Wasp in. There was actually a draft Wasp was in because she was so almost on the edge of being in Ant-Man, but then you’re taking something awesome out of the Ant-Man team’s quiver if it’s like, “Well, we’re doing her!” Plus she had a similar skill set, so it’s like “Well, maybe we just isolate it to Scott.


MARCUS MCFEELY: When you see the movie, you see that Scott is his own comic relief so it would change that a little bit. They would be this pair. Everybody else we would talk about them and then they’d go away, but we got most everybody back.

While I wouldn’t mind seeing Wasp buzz around a new movie sooner rather than later, the screenwriters are making a wise and gracious move by holding off until Ant-Man and the Wasp to let her make her true big screen debut. It will be the first time a heroine is a title character in a Marvel movie, and she should get a breakthrough debut rather than just buzzing about a much larger picture. Also, if she doesn’t add much more than what you get with just Scott, then just use Scott.

What do you think? Should they have brought the Wasp into Civil War? Sound off in the comments section.


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