Test Your Marvel Stamina with a ‘Captain America’ Marathon in Theaters This Thursday

     May 3, 2016


This week will see the release of a brand new Marvel Cinematic Universe film, which means it’s time to refresh your memory of the MCU story thus far. We’re now 12 films deep into this unique brand of longform storytelling, so while Marvel usually puts on a theatrical marathon of its films as a precursor to the latest episode, a 13-movie marathon would test the limits of even the most ardent of Marvel fans. However, in anticipation of the release of Captain America: Civil War, Marvel is putting on a theatrical marathon, albeit one tied closely to the Captain America story.

This Thursday, May 5th, select theaters will be putting on the Ultimate Captain America Marathon, which will see the exhibition of four previous Marvel films, capping off with the first showings of Captain America: Civil War. The marathon begins, appropriately enough, with 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger, then goes straight into 2012’s The Avengers, followed by the first Cap sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and finishing up with Avengers: Age of Ultron as the lead-in to Captain America: Civil War.

If you’re so inclined to take part, tickets will run you $47.99 and you’ll need to be up bright and early, as The First Avenger begins at 8:00, kicking off the 11 and a half hour marathon. But this particular series of films should make for an interesting watch as one can follow Cap’s singular story not just through his individual films, but through both Avengers movies as well.

So if you’re up for the challenge, head over to Fandango to find out if the Ultimate Captain America Marathon is playing in a theater near you. And godspeed.

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