Captain America to Be Immortalized as 13-Foot-Tall Bronze Statue for 75th Anniversary

     July 5, 2016


In 1941, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby brought the patriotic superhero Captain America to life on the pages of Marvel Comics. 75 years later, Cap, a.k.a. Steve Rogers, has gone through almost countless iterations, battles, costume changes, and military conflicts in the pages of those comics and the big and small screens alike. 2016 has been a pretty good year for the super-soldier considering the critical and financial successes of Captain America: Civil War, but to celebrate Cap’s legacy and ensure the character’s longevity, a new monument is in the works.

As USA Today reports, Cap will be getting a new statue in his honor, a 13-foot-tall bronze commemoration that will make a cross-country journey from San Diego to Brooklyn. The statue will be unveiled later this month at San Diego Comic-Con before heading east to New York for a dedication ceremony in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park on August 10th.

Check out a sketch for the new statue below:


Image via Marvel

Senior vice president of licensing for Marvel at Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media, Paul Gitter, says of the literal one-ton statue:

“For the past 75 years, Captain America has inspired generations of fans serving as the ultimate global icon for freedom, strength and doing the right thing. [The pose was] symbolically chosen to showcase the impressive strength of Captain America and his stoic form. Captain America’s signature shield also takes prominence, paying homage to his heroism, indestructible power and determination.


“We hope that when fans see the statue, they will think back to a favorite comic book, treasured action figure or even be transported back to a special time and place in their lives where Captain America’s values played influence.”

While you can visit the new Cap statue either during its display at Comic-Con or after its installation in New York, fans can also purchase statuettes from the limited-edition line of 750 12-inch bronze replicas and 100-made-to-order 35-inch pewter ones from statue designer Comicave Studios.

While the new statue is cool, it would have been pretty epic to see this cover of “Captain America #1” on a much bigger, bronzer scale:


Image via Marvel Comics

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