‘Captain Marvel’: Michael Giacchino Confirms That No, He Didn’t Compose the Score

     April 9, 2019

captain-marvel-composer-pinar-toprak-michael-giacchinoIn response to a non-story stirred up by an unfounded rumor regarding composer credit for Captain Marvel, Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino (Up) had to head to social media to confirm that, no, he did not actually compose the score to Marvel’s latest blockbuster. That credit, as was officially and responsibly reported, goes to Pinar Toprak, Marvel’s first female composer and, as of the first weekend box office for Captain Marvel, also the top-grossing female composer.

Now there may have been some shade of truth to the original rumor before it got blown out of proportion and irresponsibly “reported” as gospel, morphing from a “he said, she said” anecdote into an “exclusive” co-opted for clicks. But luckily Giacchino is here to pull double duty as both an experienced composer who’s apparently also moonlighting as a responsible journalist/fact-checker. And if the award-winning musician’s own words don’t dissuade you from thinking there’s some sort of composer conspiracy, maybe read up on the documents of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, the non-profit artists’ rights organization to which both composers belong.

Here’s what Giacchino had to say, hopefully clarifying the non-controversy:

As for what Giacchino is actually up to, his next musical performance will be heard in Sony’s Marvel movie Spider-Man: Far From Home, followed by what IMDb is calling simply Untitled Pickle Comedy (whatever that is), and Brad Bird‘s new, original musical project. Giacchino and Bird are set to reunite after collaborating on Incredibles 2 and its related projects.

Toprak, meanwhile, has been working in the biz since 2003, so be sure to keep that in mind when you see folks praising the Turkish composer as a “new, up-and-comer.” With work on such notable titles as Fortnite, Krypton, and Justice League, expect big things to come for the Captain Marvel composer in the near future. Next up is, presumably, the sports drama It’s Time.


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