‘Captain Marvel’ Director Won’t Be Announced Until 2017

     December 16, 2016


Wendy Lee and Mark Reilly with Collider News discuss the upcoming Marvel project Captain Marvel and why a director has not been announced yet.

If you were hoping to get an early holiday present from Marvel with an announcement as to who will be directing Captain Marvel, think again. Thanks to a tweet from Variety film reporter Justin Kroll, we have an update on the movie on the status of the movie and when we can expect an announcement as to who will be helming Marvel’s first female led superhero movie. Kroll tweeted:

It’s no surprise an announcement hasn’t been made considering how far along the film’s release is. Marvel is allowing themselves to take their time on the project in order to get the right story and to higher the right people for the job. As exciting as it may be to hear an announcement, it fits better for them to hold off until everything is planned and in order. Nonetheless, fans are eager to hear who will be helming Marvel Studios first female led superhero film. Especially since Academy Award-winner Brie Larson will be portraying the famous comic book characters. It’s an incredible choice for the film and with Marvel’s spectacular track record of directors, there’s no doubt they will pick someone great for the job.


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