Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel Revealed in First Set Photos

     January 25, 2018


Now would be a good time for Marvel Studios to release an official image of Brie Larson in costume as Captain Marvel, because unofficial set photos have landed online that offer our first look at the Oscar-winning actress suited-up. Yes indeed, Captain Marvel set photos have surfaced, showing off a pretty nifty costume for Brie Larson’s superhero. What’s unclear here is exactly what movie these images are from. Avengers 4 is either almost done shooting or just wrapped, and Captain Marvel begins principal photography in February but could be doing some pre-shooting at the moment.

So yeah, it’s tough to tell what movie these images reveal, but they do show off Larson in full costume, who will lead the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first female-fronted superhero movie thus far. The untitled Avengers 4 is expected to showcase Captain Marvel in some fashion, as it hits theaters two months after Captain Marvel.


Image via Brie larson

Captain Marvel has Half-Nelson directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck at the helm, telling what will be the MCU’s first prequel story. Indeed, that movie takes place in the 1990s and will reveal the titular character’s origins, with Samuel L. Jackson co-starring as a two-eyed Nick Fury. The antagonists of that picture will be the alien race called the Skrulls, who have a knack for shapeshifting, so expect that to play an important role in not just Captain Marvel but possibly Avengers 4, as Larson’s movie serves as a lead-up to that culmination event. Ben Mendelsohn is paying the film’s villain, and the movie boasts a screenplay by Geneva Robertson-Dworet.

Avengers 4, meanwhile, is directed by brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, the directors of The Winter Soldier and Civil War. They first shot Avengers: Infinity War during the first half of last year, then moved right into filming Avengers 4 while they had this massive cast together.

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