Carla Gallo Red Carpet Interview GET HIM TO THE GREEK

     May 26, 2010

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At last night’s premiere of Get Him to the Greek, I was able to speak with an actress that I’m a huge fan of: Carla Gallo.  While you might not recognize Carla’s name, if you ever watched the show Undeclared you’ll recognize her.  Also, she was on Californication and Men of a Certain Age last season and she’s made a few awesome and very funny cameos in Superbad and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  Of course with Get Him to the Greek being an Judd Apatow produced film, Gallo once again has a cameo and she gets big laughs.  While I’d love to tell you who she plays…I don’t want to spoil the movie.

Anyway, while the interview was pretty quick, we talked about what she’s been up to and what making Get Him to the Greek was like.  Hit the jump to take a look:

And if you’d like to watch some clips from Get Him to the Greek, click here.

Carla Gallo

  • We talk about how she’s back in a Judd Apatpw produced movie doing something crazy
  • How is everyone on the set when they’re filming
  • She talks about her character and what she does on Greek
  • What else she’s working on

Get Him to the Greek movie poster Jonah Hill, Russell Brand

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