CARRIERS Being Dumped into Random Markets

     August 25, 2009

carriers movie image.jpg

Back in June, we posted the trailer to Paramount Vantage’s “Carriers”, a two year old horror film starring Chris Pine that got the old dust-off after the success of “Star Trek”.  The films theatrical run will begin September 4th, but only in limited markets.  The markets in which the film will actually be shown seem pretty random, as not even New York or LA are getting the film.  Synopsis and list of markets after the jump.

carriers movie poster.jpg“Carriers” is the story of four friends trying to outrun a viral pandemic.  They fail, and are forced to make moral decisions that challenge their humanity.  It’s like a zombie movie and “The Stand” mixed together, and it seems at least interesting compared to the standard “dead teenager” formula that makes up the majority of horror releases.  It’s odd that Paramount Vantage wouldn’t seek to capitalize on Pine’s newfound notoriety by giving the film a wider release.  Horror films generally get a strong opening weekend reception and having someone like Pine in the lead can only help put butts in the seats, so it seems like an odd decision, but maybe that’s why I’m not a film exec.

As promised, the cities that are getting “Carriers:

– Atlanta
– Philadelphia
– Phoenix
– Detroit
– Denver
– Portland
– Minneapolis
– Charlotte
– St. Louis
– Pittsburgh
-Florida (various locations)
-and other random locations

Thanks to Bloody Disgusting for the tip!


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