6 Cartoon Presidents Who Are Better Leaders Than Trump

     November 5, 2018

cartoon-presidents-trumpIt’s Election Week here in America, so we thought we’d take a look at some of the most significant cartoon politicians in animation history. When we say “significant”, we’re keeping the bar pretty low; they just had to run an election campaign and/or hold some sort of political office. And speaking of low bars, we rounded up the best of the best among cartoon presidents to see how their qualities surpassed those of acting sitting president, Donald Trump.

Believe it or not, there are far fewer cartoon presidents than flesh-and-blood human presidents in history, and while the Millennials in the office think that’s an unfair oversight–and that we will see an actual cartoon elected to the position in our lifetimes–that’s not the focus of this piece. Instead, we’ll be revisiting classic cartoon and comics characters who have taken a shine to politics and raised funds to run for public office. Only about half of the characters in this list made successful runs, despite winning a popular vote over their living, breathing human counterparts. (The Electoral College has long been biased against cartoons and their tuition is, frankly, out of control these days.)

But for those who made the cut, either by citizens exercising their right to vote in democratically held elections or by waking up one morning to find that they are now the President of the United States, we wanted to see what made them special. Some of them have legitimate super powers, something that’s long overdue here in the real 3D world. Some of them are celluloid copies of their human counterparts, which one could argue already makes them superior due to the fact that they can’t negatively impact we simple folk here in the human world. And some have found enough humility to either call for their own impeachment or to use their position to the betterment of mankind. Those few are rare Presidents, indeed, and arguably more human than some humans who have held the position.