Casting Call: Emma Stone in Talks for CRAZY, STUPID LOVE; Jim Carrey, Kate Hudson, and Jennifer Garner for BUTTER

     March 16, 2010

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Today, we have more casting news than you require.  First up, Vulture reports that Emma Stone (Zombieland) is in talks to join Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid Love.  Carrell plays a divorced cuckold who is trained in the ways of womanizing by a bachelor (Gosling).  Vulture wouldn’t specify who Stone would play, “because it would spoil the movie, but it’s a pivotal one that ties the whole film together.”

Hit the jump for casting news on the butter-churning competition comedy-satire Butter.

In addition to their casting news regarding Crazy, Stupid Love, Vulture also reports that Jim Carrey and Kate Hudson are in negotiations to co-star alongside Jennifer Garner in Butter.  The film is about a butter-churning contest that’s a metaphor for the Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama showdown at the Iowa Caucus.  Vulture’s description makes the film sound even better:

Jason Micallef’s script (which [in addition to being on The Black List] also won 2008’s Nicholl Fellowship) would have Carrey playing a philandering, Bill Clinton-esque repeat sculpting champion who is forced to stop competing because he’s “termed out.” When his long-suffering wife (Jennifer Garner is already signed on) finally steps up for her chance to become America’s next top dairy queen, she’s pitted against a 12-year-old African-American girl in foster care.

I would love to read this script because I want to see how (or if) Micallef wove in the incessant punditry of our endless campaign season.


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