Cate Blanchett to Lead David Mamet’s JFK Assassination Conspiracy Thriller BLACKBIRD

     May 15, 2013


Quite the team is being put together for a new film that revolves around a JFK assassination conspiracy.  Cate Blanchett has committed to starring in writer/director David Mamet’s “Hitchcockian nailbiter” Blackbird.  The film centers on a woman named Janet who travels to Los Angeles for her grandfather’s funeral, and while there she discovers that the Hollywood visual effects artist used to moonlight for U.S. special ops agencies.  As the story progresses, “her grandfather’s well-kept secrets become a threat to her, forcing Janet to discover the truth about a man who dedicated his life to making illusion reality.”  Hit the jump for more.

david-mamet-blackbirdNews of Blackbird comes courtesy of Variety, who reports that the film will shoot in Sydney.  This is just one of a couple of JFK films currently in development, as production is already underway on Parkland, which centers on the events that took place at the hospital where JFK died on the day of his assassination.

Famed playwright Mamet has been making some curious choices as of late, most recently directing the strange HBO biopic Phil Spector with Al Pacino.  As for Blanchett, the actress will be seen later this year in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine and is currently filming George Clooney’s WWII film Monuments Men, which hits theaters in December.  The actress is also in line to play the evil stepmother in Disney’s redo of Cinderella for director Kenneth Branagh, and that film is poised to begin production this year as well.  No word on when, specifically, Blackbird might start filming, but the producers are seeking financing at the Cannes Film Festival.


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