Kevin Feige, ‘Star Wars’ & the DCEU Heading to CCXP 2019 This Weekend

     December 5, 2019


Are you ready for a weekend full of nerdy news and sneak peek content? Well, you’re going to want to stay tuned to the Collider homepage, because CCXP 2019 just kicked off in Sao Paulo, Brazil and this year’s comic-con has a stacked lineup of high-profile panels and must-see events, with some of the most anticipated upcoming titles set to make an appearance — and we’re going to be on the ground covering it all.

With the con officially kicking off today, we’ve put together a handy guide to the highlights to watch out for over the weekend and when they’ll be taking the stage. From Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman, to a full Disney takeover on Saturday that includes Star Wars and the MCU, here are the can’t-miss panels and presentations from this year’s schedule.

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