Collider Is Partnering with Omelete on CCXP Worlds: A Journey of Hope

     September 15, 2020


Every December, for the past few years, I’ve traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil to attend one of my favorite conventions: CCXP. What started out as a South American convention has quickly morphed into one of the biggest pop culture events in the world, with over 250,000 people attending last year’s con! In addition, since its inception, the convention has brought the biggest stars and all the studios to Brazil where they’ve world-premiered everything from last year’s Wonder Woman 1984 trailer with Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins on stage to the opening of Birds of Prey with Margot RobbieJurnee Smollett-Bell, Mary Elizabeth WinsteadRosie PerezElla Jay Basco and director Cathy Yan. And this is just two examples from a much longer list.

Each year the convention treats the fans to great things and based on what I’m hearing, this year’s convention will be no different. Due to the worldwide pandemic, this year’s CCXP is moving online and being called CCXP Worlds: A Journey of Hope, with the main stage that is usually extremely difficult to get into (think Hall H at Comic-Con) streaming online for free and in English.

While everything I just mentioned is cool, the thing I’m most excited about is Collider will be involved in producing and moderating some of the panels. While I can’t reveal anything that we’re working on with our partners at Omelete, just know we are aiming to make this year’s CCXP Worlds even bigger than last year, with plenty of cool stuff that fans will love.

The event will take place December 4th-6th and as we get closer I’ll be posting plenty of updates.

If you’d like more info on the con, you can visit the CCXP website here and below is part of the press release Omelete sent over.


CCXP isn’t a place, it can happen wherever we want. It’s exactly by understanding the festival in this way that  Omelete Company announces CCXP Worlds: A Journey of Hope from December 4th to 6th, 2020. This year, lots of hope and the best pop culture contents will be sent to fans’ houses all over the planet in an online and global version of the event. The festival will present the main areas of its physical version in an online format: Thunder Theatre, Artists’ Alley, Creators & Cosplay Universe. The studios area gets its digital version, the Hollywood Strip, and the shops become the Market Place. The famous glass studio that gathers the highlights of the festival in exclusive interviews is also confirmed as Omelete Stage.

“We truly believe that when you share your happiness with someone who enjoys the same thing as you, your sense of happiness increases. In such a difficult year, as 2020 has been so far, it’s a huge joy to be able to contribute creating this collective joy on a global scale, taking CCXP’s epic experience to pop culture fans houses’ all over the planet. There are several challenges to transport to the online universe all of our public’s physical energy, but we are focused on creating the world of all worlds”, says Pierre Mantovani, CEO at Omelete Company.

CCXP Worlds platform will be explored through an interactive map that will allow participants to navigate between different areas and decide what content they wish to watch. It will be possible to access online stores to buy licensed products from CCXP and its partners and also interact with fans from all over the world. Gradually, new areas will be unlocked and new announcements will be made until December.

Everything that makes CCXP be CCXP

CCXP is known as one of the best places to promote people and contents related to the pop culture universe, on a global scale. This year won’t be different and the festival will present to its participants exclusive content from major film studios and representatives from the entertainment industry, besides an special partnership with Collider website to produce content directly from LA. In the physical version of the festival, this is presented on Latin America’s largest movie screen; but this year, Thunder Arena – CCXP’s most disputed square meter – will have no barriers or limits. In an online streaming, fans all over the world will have access to conversations with Hollywood celebrities, announcements, firsthand special trailers, premières and panels about the biggest productions from the movie industry and streaming platforms.

Another beloved area which will also be part of CCXP Worlds is the Artists’ Valley. The heart of the festival will be at the fans’ houses through virtual booths that will allow participants to have contact with independent and mainstream artists – in groups or individually – to interact with them and buy online prints, sketchbooks, original artwork and other items that will be delivered at their homes. It will also be possible to customize the experience and learn more about the universe of a particular comic book artist, join masterclasses, workshops and artists’ battles. And there’s much more coming – even before CCXP starts in December.

At CCXP Worlds, Creators Universe goes beyond the internet. The streaming will show a crossover of online and offline content creators, with a programming that will include presentations, live concerts, and masterclasses. The Creators streaming will share space with Cosplay Universe, that also starts before CCXP, and will help fans with ideas to create their own costume to enjoy the festival. At Cosplay Academy, the participants will have access to workshops and international guests. The traditional Cosplay Contest is also confirmed and will include the public, an international jury, prizes and the coronation of the greatest cosplayers from all worlds.

It will be so much going on at the same time, that will be challenging to decide which streaming to follow. But the team from Brazil’s biggest pop culture website will analyze and comment on the best moments from CCXP in an endless “Friday night live”. Omelete Stage will be the virtual place to watch interviews with Hollywood celebrities, backstage of the biggest productions, real time analysis, exclusive Omelete lists and lots of interactions with the fans.

 The world’s biggest geek shopping, now online

CCXP Worlds will also bring the geek marketplace to the internet, with exclusive brands and products that fans love to collect.

You face to face with Hollywood celebrities

The encounter with celebrities gains its virtual version. Fans will be able to choose between a few minutes with their favorite actor at Meet & Greet or request a video with a personalized greeting, the famous “say hello!”.

Hollywood biggest studios will be at CCXP Worlds

Yes! The biggest studios in the world will be present at the event, with exclusive panels and content as well as with original and exclusive virtual experiences at Hollywood Strip.

Confirmed Comic book artists

It’s been a tradition since 2014: the first confirmed guests at CCXP are always comic book artists. This year, the festival announces at once 15 guests that will be in activities that will be released soon. Among those confirmed are Emil Ferris, the most awarded comic book artist from 2018 and the author of My favorite thing is monsters; and Dave Gibbons, author of ‘Watchmen’, which inspired HBO’s TV Show with 26 Emmy nominations in 2020. Gibbons is also the author behind Kingsman: The secret service, co-created with Mark Millar and adapted to the cinema with two launched movies, and a third already announced.

To complete the list of confirmed guests are: Scott Snyder (Batman and Justice League), Kevin Eastman (Teenage mutant ninja turtles), Marcelo D’Salete (Angola Janga and Cumbe), Andrea ‘Casty’ Castellan (Mickey and Scrooge McDuck), Margaux Motin (Plate tectonics), Trina Robbins (The legend of Wonder Woman), Jeff Lemire (Gideon Falls and Green Arch), Gerry Conway (Spider-Man and Batman: The Animated Series), Garth Ennis (The Boys and The Punisher), Jill Thompson (Sandman and Wonder Woman), Leandro Fernandez (The Old Guard) and Fabiel Toulmé (Hakim’s Odissey).

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