‘Cells at Work’ Aims for a Crash Course in the Immune System in Season 2

     March 23, 2020

There is no better time to tune into Cells at Work. The edu-tainment anime series centers on anthropomorphic cells in your body that engage in endless labor cycles to keep you alive, keep you healthy, and keep you safe from bacteria, viruses, parasites, disease, and other pathogens. If you ever wondered how your body does what it does and why you’re able to be you on a daily basis, this is a fundamental place to start.

And the good news is that, while Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and FUNimation, Season 2 is officially on the way. That means we’ll get to continue the adventures of the hard-working Red Blood Cells (like AE3803), the lethal Neutrophils (like U-1146), and the ever-adorable Platelets while they struggle to keep the body safe from harm. And that is good news indeed. Keep an eye out for Cells at Work Season 2 in January 2021!

Here’s the official synopsis for a little more:

This is a story about you. It’s a tale about the inside of your body. According to a new study, the human body consists of approximately 37 trillion cells. These cells are hard at work every day within your body’s world. From the oxygen-carrying Red Blood cells to the bacteria-fighting White Blood cells, they’re the unsung heroes of your body. Get to know the drama that’s unfolding inside of you!

Here’s how Funimation revealed the excellent news:

Additionally, a new episode of Season 2 will get a theatrical screening this September 5th (hopefully) ahead of its air date: