Casting Call: Tatum Is on for ION; Haas to Co-Star in RED RIDING HOOD; Biggs and Moore Join GRASSROOTS

     June 24, 2010

We have three pieces of casting news for you this morning.  First up, Channing Tatum has signed on to star in 20th Century Fox’ “sci-fi-romantic-epic” Ion.  According to Heat Vision, “The plot revolves around a man who travels to different Earths and dimensions in order to find his reincarnated lover.”  Of course, the movie is being compared to Avatar because it like involves space and love and it’s really long and stuff.  I will say that the concept sounds pretty cool and I have to give Avatar some credit for pushing studios to consider making movies that aren’t based off an existing property.

Hit the jump for news about Lukas Haas joining Red Riding Hood and Jason Biggs and Joel David Moore signing on for Grassroots.

Variety reports that Lukas Haas (Inception) is joining Catherine Hardwicke’s supernatural thriller Red Riding Hood.  The film is a supernatural thriller that centers on a young woman (Amanda Seyfried) who fights to defend her medieval village from a werewolf.  The film co-stars Shiloh Fernandez, Julie Christie, Max Irons, and Gary Oldman.  Haas will play a village priest.

Wrapping up, Jason Biggs and Joel David Moore have signed on to star in the Seattle-based indie comedy Grassroots, which is based on Phil Campbell’s memoir “Zioncheck for President.”  According to Variety, “Biggs will portray a recently fired journalist who reluctantly agrees to spearhead the Seattle City Council campaign of his eccentric friend, played by Moore as a former pedicab driver with a burning passion for the Monorail.”  Oh, you can smell the quirk from here.

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