Watch Channing Tatum Bust a Move and Prank His Daughter as Jimmy Kimmel Guest Host

     November 2, 2017


Any Step Up, Magic Mike, or heck, even a Coen Brothers fan can tell you; Channing Tatum knows his way around a dance floor. Naturally, the actor turned to his tried and true talents for his late-night hosting gig last night, when he stepped in a guest host on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. In addition to chatting with guests Ellen Degeneres and Pink, Tatum amped up the entertainment factor by dancing his way on stage to the inspired tunes of C+C Music Factory.

He also gave his daughter a healthy dose of trust issues with the ol’ Jimmy Kimmel Halloween prank, in which the parent tells their kid they ate all of their Halloween candy and the kid realizes that nothing in this hideous world is sacred. Tatum’s daughter, uh, does not take it well. Gotta know your audience. While Kimmel was out for the night, he sent in a video of himself pulling the prank his daughter and in a true twist, she’s disarmingly chill about the whole thing. Pink’s husband also tried his hand at the prank, but their daughter is a stunning badass and just isn’t having it. Check out those videos along with Tatum’s opening monologue below.

Channing was nervous before guest-hosting the show so Ellen stopped by his dressing room to give him some great advice. (SPOILER – dancing may be involved)

Guest Host Channing Tatum participated in Jimmy’s annual Halloween YouTube Challenge by telling his daughter he ate all her candy.