Channing Tatum Returning to Drama in ‘Soundtrack of Silence’

     November 1, 2019


If you’ve been missing a live action Channing Tatum (he hasn’t been seen on screen in two years), you’re in luck. Not only will Tatum co-star in next summer’s Free Guy, but Variety is reporting he’s now got the drama Soundtrack of Silence on the way.

The project, whose title is an obvious reference to the hit Simon & Garfunkel song, is a welcome return to what should be a heavier performance from Tatum, whose turns in Side Effects and Foxcatcher alerted critics and fans that his talent was broader than once thought. Seen merely as a guy who used to be a male stripper and a dancer, Tatum broke out with those films, and garnered critical acclaim as a strong comic actor in the 21 Jump Street and its sequel, 22 Jump Street.

Here’s a plot summary of the new project, according to Variety:

Based on the true story from KQED, “Soundtrack of Silence” chronicles Matt and Nora Hay’s journey to preserve love in a world without sound, and how some of the greatest songs of all time helped them do it. When Hay learned as a sophomore in college that he would soon go deaf, he memorized his favorite songs in order to preserve his most important memories, including how he fell in love with his girlfriend and future wife, Nora.

A music-based tearjerker of a romance could be a commercial hit. Though the production team will have its work cut out for it in turning the actor into a college sophomore, who is set to turn 40 next April. Either that or he’s not playing the lead.

Tatum will also produce the film for Paramount Pictures, from a script by Jamie Linden, who wrote another Tatum vehicle, Dear John. Producing alongside Tatum will be Free Association’s Reid Carolin (Magic Mike)—a frequent Tatum collaborator—and Peter Kiernan (6 Balloons). Marty Bowen (The Kill Team), Isaac Klausner (First Man), and John Fischer, of Temple Hill Entertainment, will also produce.

A director has yet to board the movie.

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