Chapter 27 Trailer

     March 20, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

Many, many months ago there was a lot of talk about the movie “Chapter27.” The bio-pic about Mark David Chapman, the tubby loser who killed John Lennon, got a ton of press, mostly because its star, Jared Leto, gained weight to nail the look of the assassin. What a triumph! Finally Leto’s outer appearance could match the inner ugly that lay suppressed for so long!

After bad reviews and protests by Lennon fans over “Chapter 27’s” content, the indie film is finally making its US theatrical debut – one full year after it was leaked onto the internet. The delay can only hurt this already iffy project. Interest in both Jared Leto’s girth and in co-star Lindsay Lohan’s social life has evaporated and another film on the subject, “The Assassination of John Lennon,” is already available on cable.

Nonetheless, “Chapter 27” is set for a limited theatrical run beginning March 28th. And for anyone who is still interested, the trailer is available below.

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