Charles de Lauzirika – Exclusive Video Interview

     August 3, 2007

Last weekend I was able to interview a ton of people while attending Comic-Con and while I wanted to get all the interviews up immediately, it’s been a brutal process to edit and render all the footage.

Thankfully most of it is ready to go, and over the next few days I’ll be posting some amazing interviews with a ton of the stars who attended.

So up now… Charles de Lauzirika.

While you may not know Charles’ name, I’m quite confident you’ve seen what he does. Charlie is a DVD producer and some of his previous box sets include the 4-disc Kingdom of Heaven Director’s Cut, the 9-disc Alien Quadrilogy, Gladiator and a lot more. If you can figure out what makes all those movies go together… it’s Ridley Scott.

So as you’ll hear him tell you, “Blade Runner” is his favorite movie and he knows the film inside and out. Now that you know that, you should be even more excited that he’s the one who produced the upcoming 5-disc “Blade Runner” box set.

But rather than having me go on and on… here’s Charlie to explain the box set and what you can expect. And for you “Twin Peaks” fans… he’s also the one who is making the upcoming 10-disc box set which will have all the episodes and a ton of extras. For the “Twin Peaks” segment go to the very bottom.

And before you get to the interview, a big thank you to Charlie for taking some time out of his busy schedule at Comic-Con to talk to me at length on both box sets!

Charles de Lauzirika Part 1

  • He talks a bit on the Blade Runner DVD and the Twin Peaks DVD set and about working on both sets at the same time and all the extras.
  • I ask about the differences between the DVD, HD-DVD and Blue-Ray versions.
  • He talks about finding all the footage for the box set and how he came to work for Ridley.
  • He talks about how Blade Runner is his favorite film of all time and he talks about the history of the project.
  • He talks about “The Vault” and some of the deleted scenes.
  • I ask about which format will win – HD-DVD or Blue-Ray.
  • I ask about the different versions of the movie that will be on the box set.

Charles de Lauzirika Part 2 – Uniporn

Charles explains that the unicorn footage is, contrary to many rumors and stories, not outtakes from Legend. He also explains how the filmmakers have footage of the unicorn mounting another horse on set… you just need to hear him explain it.

Charles de Lauzirika Part 3

  • He talks about all the found footage that will be used in all the documentaries on the box set
  • He talks about how he’s working on American Gangster and what else is coming up.
  • His future and how he’s looking forward to seeing fan reactions to the box when it comes out.

Charles de Lauzirika Part 4 – Joanna Cassidy

  • The Joanna Cassidy stuff. He talks about what they did to make Blade Runner even better.

Charles de Lauzirika Part5 – Twin Peaks

Attention Twin Peaks fans! Watch this interview. He talks about what extras will be on the upcoming box set… here’s some of them.

  • Both versions of the pilot – network and international version
  • Long form documentary with the cast.
  • a roundtable interview with the cast and David Lynch.
  • archival materials.
  • deleted scenes.
  • 10 discs with 29 episodes.
  • A few hours of extras.

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