Charlie Hunnam and Hugh Grant Talk ‘The Gentlemen’ and Guy Ritchie’s Unusual Filmmaking Process

     January 23, 2020

With director Guy Ritchie’s newest film, The Gentlemen, opening in North American theaters this weekend, I recently sat down with Charlie Hunnam and Hugh Grant for an extended interview. During the wide-ranging conversation they talked about how working with Guy Ritchie is such an unusual process, the way things can change in an instant on set, what they each learned about each other from working together, having costumes that looked like they all stepped out of GQ, and Grant talked about making Paddington 2 and Cloud Atlas and why Paul King and the Wachowskis are such gifted filmmakers.


Image via STXfilms

However, while the entire conversation was interesting, I think the highlight was hearing Hunnam and Grant talk about how, before filming began, Ritchie shot the entire movie as a rehearsal with the full cast in one day in front of black curtains and then used it to do a final rewrite on the script.

Check out what they had to say in the player above and below is exactly what we talked about.

If you haven’t seen the trailers, The Gentlemen is about an American expat (Matthew McConaughey) who has built a huge marijuana business in London and is looking to cash out, which proves difficult with everyone in the underworld wanting a piece of the action. The all-star cast is made up of Colin FarrellMichelle Dockery, Eddie Marsan, and Henry Golding.


Image via STXfilms

Charlie Hunnam and Hugh Grant:

  • Did Hugh realize when making Paddington 2 and Cloud Atlas they would be such great movies?
  • What it’s like working with Guy Ritchie?
  • How things can change in an instant on set.
  • How all the characters look like they stepped out of GQ.
  • Designing the look of the characters.
  • How they did black box rehearsals for the film.
  • Who is the unsung hero of the film?
  • What did they learn about each other from working together?
  • How they filmed all their scenes in only 4 and a half days!

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