Casting Call: Charlie Hunnam to Star in Guillermo del Toro’s PACIFIC RIM; Amber Heard and Shiloh Fernandez Like SYRUP

     May 9, 2011


We have a couple of casting stories to send your way tonight. First up, Charlie Hunnam (FX’s Sons of Anarchy) has landed the starring role in Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim. Heat Vision reports that details regarding Hunnam’s role are under wraps but speculates that the turn may be as a pilot of a mecha (from the Japanese genre which involves humans manning “robotic constructs”) that “needs to climb back into the driver’s chair.” You may remember that the director decided to pursue Pacific Rim as his next project shortly after Universal failed to greenlight his R-rated take on At the Mountains of Madness. Back in March, we filled you in on some of the film’s potential plot elements and described the project as a monster-pic that takes place in “two worlds.” Hunnam’s casting reiterates that synopsis and describes Pacific Rim as “monster movie that sees powerful extraterrestrial aliens threaten the Earth’s existence, attacking cities and nations neighboring the Pacific Ocean.”

To read about Amber Heard and Shiloh Fernandez’s latest project, hit the jump.

syrup-book-cover-imageVariety reports that Heard and Fernandez have signed on to star in the indie film Syrup. Per the report, the film is based on a novel of the same name by Maxx Barry. Aram Rappaport will helm the pic which tells the story of marketing and backstabbing in the corporate soda industry. Details regarding Heard and Fernandez’s respective roles are not divulged. Production on Syrup is set to begin in New York this summer.

For those interested, here’s a more detailed synopsis of Barry’s novel [from Amazon]:

Twenty-three-year-old marketing graduate Scat is in search of the American dream of wealth, fame, friendship with movie stars, and true love. He thinks he just may have it all in sight when he comes up with a brilliant idea for a new soft drink, Fukk Cola, and the beautiful new-products manager at Coke, the improbably named 6, agrees that it has definite possibilities. Unfortunately, Sneaky Pete, Scat’s roommate, lives up to his name and steals Fukk in order to get a head start up the corporate ladder. Many connivances and contrivances later, 6 and Scat take on Sneaky Pete and his assistant @ directly in a last-ditch struggle to assume ascendancy at Coke. Will 6 and Scat fall in love? Will they succeed in vanquishing Sneaky Pete? With Winona Ryder, Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise making cameo appearances and Gwyneth Paltrow acting as deus ex machina, how could dreams not come true?

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