Exclusive: Hear the New ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Theme by Brian Tyler; Soundtrack Details Revealed

     October 31, 2019


We at Collider are happy to exclusively debut the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack details for composer Brian Tyler’s score for the upcoming film, along with the first listen of Tyler’s new Charlie’s Angels theme. Directed by Elizabeth Banks, the movie expands the iconic franchise into a global scale with Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Ballinska filling the roles of the new trio of Angels.

Below you can hear Tyler’s take on the Charlie’s Angels theme. The composer is no stranger to blockbuster fare as he previously composed the score for films like Avengers: Age of Ultron, Furious 7, and Iron Man 3, but his versatility was on full display with his excellent score for the smash hit Crazy Rich Asians.

“It was an absolute pleasure composing the score for Charlie’s Angels for the incredible director Elizabeth Banks,” says composer Brian Tyler of the score. “Together we endeavored to create a score that enhanced the mystery, action, fun, and power of the movie while giving a nod to the movie’s 70s roots. I composed new themes for the film that would feel nostalgic yet fresh and also work playing alongside the theme from the original TV series. The sonic elements of the score conjure up a variety of musical styles: symphonic, hip-hop, and 70s groove. I played many instruments on the score myself such as guitar, vintage drums, Rhodes piano, vibes, and electric bass. I then recorded and mixed those elements in a way that would sound like they were sampled off vintage albums, a technique often employed in hip-hop. I also conducted the Hollywood Studio Symphony which provided an epic feel and a deeper emotional context. In addition, I had a blast with two nu-disco songs (‘Euphoria’ and ‘Neon Sky’), produced under my electronic music moniker Madsonik. The movie was an absolute joy thanks to the amazing team lead by our director Elizabeth Banks. I hope everyone enjoys listening to this album as much as we enjoyed making it!”

Check out the full tracklisting below. The album will be available for preorder on Friday, November 1st and will be released by Sony Music on November 8th. Charlie’s Angels hits theaters on November 15th, via Sony Pictures.

  1. charlies-angels-soundtrack-cover1. Charlie’s Angels Theme
  2. 2. Angel’s Wings
  3. 3. Identity Crisis
  4. 4. Charlie’s in 7
  5. 5. The Presence of Angels
  6. 6. Calisto Demonstration
  7. 7. Closet of My Dreams
  8. 8. Fatima
  9. 9. Neon Sky
  10. 10. Bowl Cut
  11. 11. I’m Charlie
  12. 12. No Sale Here
  13. 13. The Townsend Agency
  14. 14. Hamburg Chase
  15. 15. Satin Groove
  16. 16. The Great Con
  17. 17. Bosley
  18. 18. Rock Quarry
  19. 19. Just the Decoy
  20. 20. Off to the Races
  21. 21. Backstories
  22. 22. Hacking and Fighting
  23. 23. The Angels Arrive
  24. 24. Breaking and Entering
  25. 25. Euphoria
  26. 26. Charlie’s Angels

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