Charlize Theron Drops Out of THE TOURIST; Angelina Jolie May Pack Up Instead

     October 11, 2009


Sadly, there aren’t many female actresses out there who get to do a lot of action roles.  Sure, an actress may pick up a gun once in a while but compared to the stunts their male counterparts get to pull, it’s a sad inequality.  Fortunately, Angelina Jolie is one of the few actresses in Hollywood who gets to do whatever the hell she wants and so as Charlize Theron (also a convincing female action star when she gets to play those roles) leaves the upcoming action thriller, “The Tourist”, Jolie may once again load a clip, crack a smile, and head out to kill some motherfuckers with looks and bullets.  Hit the jump to fall for a pretty face when she pushes you off a building.

According to Risky Business Blog, Jolie, who just finished wrapping the spy-action flick “Salt” (a role that had a sex change for Jolie), would play a half-seductress/half-action star title role.  Based off the 2005 French thriller “Anthony Zimmer”, the story follows “an American tourist who, on behalf of Interpol, goes undercover to entrap a former lover who’s a suspected global criminal.”  So this would be back-to-back spy roles for Jolie who has also played an assassin twice (“Mr. & Mrs. Smith” and “Wanted”), and Lara Croft.  So yeah, she knows how to destroy a few people.

The man she’ll be entrapping will be played by Sam Worthington who gets to do more action movies than most other actresses combined.  But I imagine once Worthington and Jolie are on the set (provided she takes the role), it’s her that’ll be showing him how it’s done.


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