Charlize Theron Talks SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN, Meeting Kristen Stewart at Comic-Con, Dueling Snow White Films and More

     May 29, 2012


Opening this Friday, June 1st, is the large-scale fantasy epic Snow White and the Huntsman.  Director Rupert Sanders has put his own dark spin on the classic Snow White tale, with Kristen Stewart starring as the titular Snow White, Chris Hemsworth in the role of the Huntsman, and Charlize Theron tackling the character of the Evil Queen.  I recently got the chance to speak with Theron alongside a few other journalists via a Google+ Hangout video interview while the actress was in London doing press for the film.

During the interview, Theron talked about how the actors felt knowing that another Snow White film (Mirror Mirror) was in production at the same time as theirs, the correlation between her iteration of the Evil Queen and the Disney version, meeting Stewart for the first time at Comic-Con and instantly developing a rapport, playing darker characters in Huntsman, Prometheus and Young Adult, being on Top Chef, and much more.  Hit the jump to watch the interview, and if you missed my interview with Hemsworth be sure to click here.

Here’s the interview followed by a detailed time index:

snow-white-and-the-huntsman-movie-image-charlize-theron-2Here’s the time index:

  • :32 Was there a sense of competition or pressure during filming knowing that another Snow White film, Mirror Mirror was also in production?  Says they knew early on that they were two very different movies.
  • 1:23 Talks about the correlation between her Evil Queen and the Disney version.  Says she wanted to throw in hints and homages to Disney’s Evil Queen without playing the same character.
  • 2:39 Playing an evil character. Says she believes that nobody is born bad and empathy was important to playing the Evil Queen.
  • 4:01 Talks about the rapport between her and Kristen Stewart. Says she met her for the first time at Comic-Con and they realized right away that they were kindred spirits.
  • 5:35 Her propensity for playing darker characters as of late, with Snow White and the Huntsman, Young Adult, and Prometheus. Talks about being able to do these parts because Mad Max: Fury Road was pushed back.
  • 6:35 Talks about working with Ridley Scott on Prometheus.
  • 6:57 How her characters in all three films are similar and where they diverge.
  • 7:37 The costumes for her character. Says before lunch she liked the dresses with corsets, but after lunch she only wanted to wear dresses without corsets.
  • snow-white-huntsman-movie-image-charlize-theron-59:04 Talks about how involved she was in designing the costumes alongside Colleen Atwood.  Says she had a medieval resting chair to sit in between takes while she was wearing corsets, which made her look like Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs.
  • 11:18 Talks about her iteration of the Evil Queen being a tragic character and how she represents a lot of the women in our society.
  • 12:31 What appeals to her about the sci-fi/fantasy genre? Says she doesn’t really think in terms of genre or budget, it was just ironic that she signed on to three sci-fi/fantasy projects in a row.
  • 13:30 Talks about coming in and out of the white goo that we saw in the trailer.
  • 14:58 The fun in playing such an evil character. Talks about being mean to everyone on set and blaming it on being “in character,” and how much fun she had being on Top Chef.
  • 16:22 Being alone for most of the film. Talks about how excited she was to finally have scenes with Chris Hemsworth because she got to work with another actor.


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