Check out the Trailer for Walt Disney’s STAR TOURS II

     September 13, 2009

Star Tours image (1).jpg

Years ago I heard rumors Disneyland and Disneyworld were going to update the Star Tours ride. After all, the ride was exactly the same since it launched back in 1987 and it definitely needed a paint job. But the prequels came and went, and the ride stayed the same. Until now.

At this weekend’s D23 convention, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Jay Rasulo announced plans to update the ride and it’s going to launch in 2011 and it’ll be in 3D. While I’ve fallen out of love with “Star Wars”, I always liked the Star Tours ride and with the technology now available at Lucasfilm and Disney, I’d like to think the new ride is going to be awesome. Anyway, while we have to wait another two years to take it for a spin, Disney has launched a brief trailer and it’s after the jump:

And if you’re wondering, the new ride will be at Disneyland and Disneyworld.

Star Tours image.jpg

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