Chiwetel Ejiofor Exclusive Video Interview 2012

     November 9, 2009

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Opening this Friday is director Roland Emmerich’s 2012.  As most of you have seen in commercials and trailers, 2012 is about a global cataclysm that causes massive destruction to our planet.  If you’re keeping count, this is Emmerich’s third time blowing up our planet (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow) and I think he’s learned from his previous efforts to deliver his biggest ride yet.  Trust me, 2012 is loaded with some of the craziest special effects you’ll see this year and if you want to have some fun, grab a popcorn and just go for the ride.

To help promote the film, our partners at Omelete were invited to the international press day and they sent me to cover it.  So after the jump you can watch my interview with Chiwetel Ejiofor where we talk about what this year has been like for him, 2012 theories, making the movie, Salt, and a lot more.

At the beginning of the interview we talk about Sundance.  That’s because at this year’s Festival I did an extended interview with him.  Click here if you missed it.

Finally, this is the beginning of a lot of 2012 interviews on Collider.  Check back each day for more.

Chiwetel Ejiofor

  • We talk about our Sundance interview
  • What has his year been like
  • Talks about filming Salt
  • What did he think about the 2012 predictions before filming and did his opinions change during or after filming
  • What was making this film like and was it more challenging than he expected
  • Working on the crazy sets

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