December 2, 2011


Chris Columbus and his 1492 Productions have picked up the screen rights to Charles Yu‘s novel How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe.  The story focuses on a time travel machine repairman (also named Charles Yu) who has spent 10 years going through the time stream to find his lost father.  His search eventually causes him to land a time loop and he must find a way to change the future.  Yesterday, I accused Daughter of Smoke and Bone of having a “Mary Sue” protagonist, but I’m assuming that despite Yu giving the lead character his name, How To Live doesn’t have the male equivalent (a “Gary Stu”) since the book received honors from Time Magazine and the New York Times.

Brendan Bellomo will make his feature directing debut on the movie.  The NYU film school grad previously directed the live action sci-fi short Bohemibot, which netted him a bronze medal in the narrative category at the 2009 Student Academy Awards.  Hit the jump to check out Bellomo’s director’s reel and try to focus on the visuals, not the silly use of the Inception trailer music.

Reel via Bellomo’s website.

Here’s the official synopsis for How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe:

From a 5 Under 35 winner, comes a razor-sharp, hilarious, and touching story of a son searching for his father…through quantum space-time.

Every day in Minor Universe 31 people get into time machines and try to change the past. That’s where Charles Yu, time travel technician, steps in. He helps save people from themselves. Literally. When he’s not taking client calls, Yu visits his mother and searches for his father, who invented time travel and then vanished. The key to locating his father may be found in a book. It’s called How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe, and somewhere inside it is information that will help him. It may even save his life. [Amazon]


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