Watch Chris Evans and Paul Rudd Have a Delightful Conversation

     June 26, 2020


As part of their ongoing “Actors on Actors” series (now “At Home” due to the pandemic), Variety has now paired Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Endgame co-stars Chris Evans and Paul Rudd. During their forty-five minute conversation, they talk about being part of the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise but also making the transition to smaller, streaming series like Defending Jacob and Living with Yourself, respectively. It’s a fun chat, and I kind of hope that someone decides just to put the two of them into a buddy comedy or something because that would be a joy to watch.

Check out the video below, and as a bonus, we’ve included the scene where Ant-Man and Captain America meet for the first time because it’s just so charming.

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