First Set Photos Emerge from ‘Dhaka’, Chris Hemsworth’s Netflix Action-Thriller

     November 7, 2018


Chris Hemsworth is currently filming on the action-thriller Dhaka, which is directed by Chris Evans’ stunt double, Sam Hargrave. As we previously reported, the story “tells of a weary mercenary named Rake (Hemsworth) who is hired to save the son of a businessman in India.” The Russo Brothers wrote and will produce the movie.

Hemsworth took to Twitter to show off the first set photos from the movie, and they look fine. It’s hard to make a determination on an original action-thriller just from still photos, but Hemsworth has shown he’s more than a capable lead, and he’s even good in fairly bland movies like 12 Strong, which IMDb says came out at the beginning of this year, but I’m pretty sure it arrived a billion years ago. That’s how time works now.

It will be interesting to see what kind of director Sam Hargrave is and if he’ll be able to move from the stunt profession into the director’s chair as well as folks like Chad Stahelski and David Leitch. The duo worked together on John Wick before they went their separate ways with Stahelski helming John Wick: Chapter 2 and Leitch directing Atomic Blonde and Deadpool 2. The action genre needs people who can bring a fresh perspective, and I’m eager to see what Hargrave brings to the table with his experience.

Check out the Dhaka set photos below. No release date for Dhaka has been announced, but it will probably arrive on Netflix some time next year.


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