Watch Chris Hemsworth Take Over Australian Weather Report, Proving IRL God of Thunder Status

     September 14, 2020


Chris Hemsworth is a multi-talented, impressively charming man. He has multiple disciplines, not just picking up blessed hammers and smashing purple goons with them. But one of them surprised us all — especially the Australian news anchors he crashed. Y’see, Hemsworth is spending his pandemic time in his home of Australia. And while there, he appeared on The Today Show, a long-running Australian morning show, to deliver the weather report himself. You can take the man out of the God of Thunder, but you can’t take the God of Thunder out of the man.


Image via Marvel Studios

The Today Show‘s regular meteorologist Lauren Phillips was in Scone, Australia, known for its bountiful horses, to deliver what her anchors thought would be a regular weather report. And then, she dropped this 100% accurate labeling of Hemsworth: “I’m in the horse capital of Australia, but I was yet to find a horse, so I thought I should open it up to one of the horse studs.” Then, Chris “Objective Horse Stud” Hemsworth enters frame, and delivers the heck out of the weather (doing so well that Phillips quips, “You’ve made my job look very easy there, you might have to take over!”).

Making this very wholesome news even better? Hemsworth was in Scone doing conservation work for his home continent/country, helping those horses make sure they have a proper home for some time to come. And then, Hemsworth ended with this joke, which I will soon be tattooing on all of my limbs: “I’m a little like a rogue horse. I’ll escape here and you’ll have to lasso me.” Neighhhh!

Check out Hemsworth’s delightful weather report below. For more on the man, here are his thoughts on the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, and whether he’ll keep playing Thor after.